Software Unlock Huawei E173Eu-1

Software Unlock Huawei E173Eu-1

This software unlock is only temporary, and will re-lock jamming if the modem is unplugged from the laptop or pc. To unlock again to do the procedure all over again when the modem is plugged into a laptop or pc back. For more details, please see the procedure below.

Modem after a successful diunlock
In my area there is no HSDPA signal either XL or 3. So it can only EDGE

The procedure.
1. Mobile software partners should already be installed (include driver)
2. Plug the modem and simcard which does not correspond to a laptop or pc
3. If the mobile partner of auto running and show the message as shown below turn off immediately click ok and mobile applications partner.
4. Open the software to unlock
5. Click on the Device manager to see the com port modem (PC UI Interface)
6. Click Refresh and select the modem port to use the scroll down menu
Read 7.Klik MDM data and wait until the process is complete.
If the procedure fails to start again from number 2
8. Click unlock modem
9. Click Service and wait until the process is complete.
If it fails to start again the procedure from number 5
10. Run the application again mobile partner

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  • bhama says:

    Thanks for giving information.
    One of my friends tried this way of huawei modem unlocking.But she got fail and her maximum unlocking possibilities also finished.So she suggested don't try this way of unlocking.Better try any one of the online unlocking service.So i unlocked my modem with a help of I never had any problem.

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