Take the Video or Audio without Download

Whether you like to download a song or video? but a connection such as snails, you do not need to be confused or anxious, ii there are a few tips for those of you who are very easy to operate, this is only specific users Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and 4.

For users of Mozilla Firefox 3.6, which needs to be done just look at the cache, ie residence type about: cache in the address bar, and in an instant in its cache folder would be easily seen or found the file in question and you can quickly rename extensinya very easily.
But for users firefox 4, yet another way, its cache that looks messy, to say the fragmentary and if the rename is also definitely still can not open, and can make you irritated.
This way first the simplest is the "click" the words "download" with IDM after you finish streamingnya, and would later direct to "save", because IDM took the video from the cache. but if the stream has not been completed so it's useless.
But sometimes even streamingnya been completed, and the "click" Download with IDM, but it still not directly to the save and had to download again from the beginning, must be very tiring.

To outsmart the above, I used to use the software to be able to download very easily and efficiently because of the connection as "snail", the name cache view videos, you can download on the official website
function in order to see all the caches that are stored without complicated, and you can direct me "save as" with a variety of formats.
Or directly download to http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/videocacheview.zip

how to use it very easy, you would immediately understand without me having to explain

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